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One National Regulator - Two Small Steps

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 10, 2014

It was announced yesterday that Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have joined Ontario and British Columbia in committing to a Federal securities regulator, currently (and hopefully temporarily) named the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System. Why do ...

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Bond Yields - Ontario vs Italy

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 7, 2014

In presentations over the last year, I’ve often referred to Ontario as the Italy of Canada. In other words, its finances are abysmal. At a time when the province’s key economic drivers, housing and autos, are booming, the fiscal deficits are large and show signs of ...

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Addicted to Zero

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on July 3, 2014

I opened the Financial Times website this morning to see that the unemployment rate in the U.S. had dropped to 6.1%. Beside that headline was a story about the Dow Jones hitting 17,000. Just minutes before, I saw in the Globe and Mail that Canada and the U.S. are ...

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Getting in the Business

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 26, 2014

I saw a note that 150,000 people worldwide wrote CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams on June 7th. It’s a reminder of how tough it is to get into the investment business. For some reason, lots of young people want a piece of the great gig that we have ...

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CMHC - Back to its Roots

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 17, 2014

There’s a terrific article in the Globe and Mail today. It’s based on an interview with the new CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Evan Siddall. It’s terrific because Mr. Siddall and his team are taking CMHC back to where it should be ...

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Fixed Income's New Reality (Live)

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 12, 2014

In a Globe and Mail column on May 8th, I talked about how investors have been moving from defense to offense in their fixed income portfolios. Indeed, many of the new income funds and structured products are aggressive enough, and/or complex enough ...

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The Grand Experiment

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 9, 2014

The attached chart came courtesy of Tim Price of PFP Wealth Management in London ...

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And the Winner is ...

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on June 4, 2014

“Should Ed Clark, a 50-goal scorer, be paid the same as a good two-way winger on a deep team, a dependable defenseman, a second-line center and a penalty-killing specialist?” With the NHL finals about to start, it seems like a good time to update ...

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The Investment Fee Tree

Excerpt from Scott Ronalds's blog on May 5, 2014

Investment fees reduce returns. This much is obvious. What isn’t so clear, however, is what constitutes reasonable fees. A number of variables play a role, such as whether you work with a full-service advisor, follow an active or passive (indexing) investing ...

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Trailer Park Bullies

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on April 22, 2014

I’ve grumbled in this space numerous times that the mutual fund industry is stuck in the dark ages. Its automatic response is to resist change and improvement. Meanwhile, the world moves on and clients find other ways to invest (ETFs being one example). While ...

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Only 300?

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on April 17, 2014

TD ran a large ad in the Report on Business yesterday. It shouted: Get up to 300 free “I’m feeling more confident” trades. Are you kidding me? 300 trades. I’m not sure I’ve done 300 trades in 31 years in the business. Is this a reflection of where we are in the cycle (I’m feeling more confident) or is TD encouraging its clients to do some high frequency trading of their own. 300 trades. Really?

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BRIC - Rest in Peace

Excerpt from Tom Bradley's blog on March 31, 2014

BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India and China. It was created by Jim O’Neil, the Global Economist at Goldman Sachs (who became a celebrity in the business press as a result). BRIC was meant to symbolize the shift in economic clout from the developed ...

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